General Meeting



Next Meeting;  Monday, April 8, 2019

7:30 pm



St. John's Presbyterian Church -- 504-2nd Street SE (Downtown)

We will be meeting in Morrow Hall (downstairs--wheelchair accessible).


Please use the entrance (blue doors) on the 5th Avenue side of the church which faces the Esplanade parking lot.  There is ample parking on 2nd Street or on 5th Avenue.  Members are also able to use the City of Medicine Hat Human Resources parking lot across the back alley right behind the church.




The Presentation & Presenter


Growing Fabulous Peonies

by Laurie Goetting & Linda Braun


We will be talking about 

     -origins of peonies

     -basic peony botany

     -planting and care

     -different peony flower forms

     -eight weeks of peony bloom

     -The Canadian Peony Society



OUR PRESENTERS… Laurie Goetting has been gardening in Calgary for over 40 years. She has focused on mainly perennials and found that peonies were always a show stopper in June. In wanting to learn more she joined the Canadian Peony Society 14 years ago. Now with 65 different peonies growing in her garden she has blooms from the end of May until late July.


and....  Linda Braun been growing peonies, like Laurie, for over 40 years. Her interest in these amazing and beautiful plants was peaked when she was first establishing a garden in St. Albert, Alberta  while living near Holes Greenhouses! It was exciting to have Holes as a close resource for her to learn and become enchanted with perennials, especially peonies.  When she moved her family to Calgary in 1993—P.'Gay Paree', P.'Sarah Bernhart’ and an Unknown Peony moved with her. They still bloom in her garden along with 60-70 other various Peonies. Not a horticulturalist by profession, she has learned and will keep learning because of the wealth of garden resources and horticultural memberships that have helped to build her knowledge base and to keep growing peonies a personal passion.


 See you April 8.

" To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

-Audrey Hepburn