*Apply for Membership

Please print the pdf membership application and mail the form along with the required fee to: Box 1134, Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 7H3.  Memberships are valid for the calendar year; and all memberships must be renewed at the start of the new year.

We are unable at this time to receive membership applications or renewals online.  We do not accept credit cards for payment of fees.

Nomination Deadline

The nomination deadline is prior to September 14 of the current year and can be made by sending a letter to the

Medicine Hat & District Horticultural Assoc., Box 1134, Medicine Hat, AB

T1A 0H7  ATTENTION: President

The presentation of the award will be made at the December meeting.

Life Membership

Members can be nominated for LIFE MEMBERSHIP based on the following criteria.

The Medicine Hat & District Horticultural Association is seeking nominations for the Life Membership Award.  This honor is presented to a Member or Members of the Medicine Hat & District Horticultural Association who has/have performed distinctive contributions of a long-term nature that is in line with the Mission of the Association.

The award shall be presented to an Associate Member who has rendered outstanding and longstanding commitment to the Medicine Hat & District Horticultural Association over a period of time, and not limited to the year in which the award is made. Outstanding and longstanding service must arise from one or more of the following activities:

a)  promotion of activities which encourage, promote and educate Association members about gardening;

b)  community involvement in promotion of the Mission of the Medicine Hat & District Horticultural Association;

c)  author of gardening and horticultural articles;

d)  given gardening related lectures to the public;

e)  other types of voluntary work with the Association.

Nominations shall be made in writing stating briefly the breadth/scope of contributions made by the nominee.


Member Discount

Garden centres in Medicine Hat,  Bow Island and Lethbridge  (listed below), as well as a certified local arborist offer a 10% discount on purchases or services. Some exclusions apply.  Spruce It Up Garden Centre (in Calgary) offers Medicine Hat Horticultural Association members a 15% discount on purchases—the same discount afforded to Calgary Hort Society members.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of being a member include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Being part of a gardening community where others share the same interests and gardening passions

2. Being able to participate in Association sponsored events

3. Membership discounts at various garden centres/greenhouses

4. A monthly newsletter sent either by e-mail or Canada Post

5. A free BBQ at the June meeting

6. A discounted fee for the annual Christmas Banquet

7. Receiving notices and announcements of gardening or horticultural events in other southern Alberta locations

Plant Sale

Lots of perennials will be offered for sale.  Great selection and prices. These plants come from the gardens of our members and are tried, tested and true for the growing conditions of Medicine Hat.

Garden Tour

This much anticipated self-guided tour highlights beautiful, lovingly-tended gardens in our city. This is our big fundraiser for the year and it allows us to bring in speakers for our members.